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Create Tech Videos for Older Adults (ONLINE)

Create Tech Videos for Older Adults (ONLINE)

Help older adults navigate the digital world so they can make meaningful connections with their friends and families.. Create a short, simple video that can be broadcasted on a retirement home television channel or watched in a video bank by seniors. Note: This opportunity has flexible timings. 

Requirements for videos:
- Use a screen recording tool (example: Screen-Cast-O-Matic) to show step by step instructions on how to complete the task.
- Save the file as an Mp4 file. Or upload to and send google drive if the file is too large. Mp4 is preferred. 
- Speak clearly, explain each step in detail, and add a few jokes
- The length of your video should be between 2-10 minutes
- You will receive 30 minutes of service for each video 
- Be sure to talk about the uses of the tool
- Be polite and use appropriate language. You do not need to record your face if you are uncomfortable.
Note: There is no specific timing for each of the activities. The date listed on the calendar should be the date you submit the video. To submit the video, email it to
Here is the link to a sample video. You should submit your video as an MP4. You can also upload to Google Drive. Sample video:

Here is our YouTube channel, one of the places where the videos are shared with seniors:

You are always welcome to submit the videos early. If you do not submit by the due date the opportunity will be opened up to other volunteers and you will not receive service hours.

NOTE: By submitting a video to TEENSWHOCARE you are automatically permitting TEENSWHOCARE and any senior homes/retirement communities to use the content for any purpose.  

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