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About Us


Our Mission:

TEENSWHOCARE aims to provide easily accessible and meaningful volunteering opportunities to high school students.

About the Founder:


TEENSWHOCARE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started by high school freshman Sameeksha Dangi in the Spring of 2020. Here is Sameeksha's journey to creating Teenswhocare. 

Sickness was spreading, death rates were climbing, and unemployment was rising. It was the Spring of 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting everyone’s lives. With school closures and the canceled track season, I found myself with plenty of extra time. As I watched all the suffering in the world, I wanted to use this time to give back, to volunteer. So, I began searching for volunteering opportunities on Google, filling out lengthy forms, and emailing countless organizations. As I spent hours searching for ways to volunteer, I began to wonder why it was so difficult to help people out, and how to make it so this time spent searching could be made in to time spent volunteering. 


I decided to create a platform in which students can easily sign up for volunteering opportunities that fit their schedule and their preferences. Kind of like Uber cum Amazon for volunteering. I already had one program that I created myself to act as a starter—a free tech class for older adults that I had been teaching for over a year then—as well as one organization that I had volunteered with: Farmer Frog. I added these programs and designed my website and then began the long process of reaching out to organizations, meeting with their managers, and creating time specific volunteering opportunities to add to my website. I also worked on ways to increase outreach to to volunteers. 

Now, TEENSWHOCARE, has 13 different opportunities, and has impacted the lives of over 6500 people with the help of over 1900 volunteers. My journey does not stop here; Every day I search for more opportunities, reach out to additional volunteers, and work on ways to make the process simple, to ensure that I can make volunteering easy.

Board Members

Pratima Lakhotia


Sudhir Ralhan

Vice President

Savinay Dangi


Suyash Panvalkar

Board Member

Suniti Patel

Board Member

Maybin Chisebuka

Board Member